SSH-AGENT-PROXY(1)	FreeBSD General Commands Manual     SSH-AGENT-PROXY(1)

     ssh-agent-proxy -- a dynamic proxy for ssh-agent(1)

     ssh-agent-proxy [-cdkqrs] [-a SOCK] [-p FILE]

     The ssh-agent-proxy command is a `dynamic' proxy for ssh-agent(1), which
     itself acts as an ssh authentication agent that forwards requests to a
     real agent.  For each client request, it looks for a `real' agent by
     testing every available unix-domain socket that are presumably opened by
     ssh-agent and owned by the running user.  If it finds one, proxies client
     requests to the socket.

     This is especially useful when you use screen(1) and agent forwarding.
     Suppose you log in to a remote host with ssh agent forwarding enabled,
     then run screen(1), and detach a session.	The screen(1) process and all
     its child processes will now have a useless SSH_AUTH_SOCK value set.  If
     you reattach the saved session later from a new ssh connection, agent
     forwarding will not work unless you fix the value for the processes that
     run ssh(1).

     Here is what ssh-agent-proxy is for.  As the search for an available
     agent socket is dynamic and the path of the socket that this command cre-
     ates is fixed, there is no need to worry about the SSH_AUTH_SOCK value
     any more.	You only need to have a fixed value set to SSH_AUTH_SOCK, then
     agent forwarding will always work fine.

     Just as ssh-agent(1) does, prints shell commands that can be evaluated in
     the calling shell to set the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable.  When finds an
     instance already running, it does not fork a new daemon but prints shell
     commands anyway so that the running shell can use the running instance.
     ssh-agent-proxy also tries running launchctl(1) to get the socket opened
     by launchd(8) via the `getenv' command if available.  This is for Mac OS
     X 10.5+ environment.

     The following command line arguments are supported:

     --help	 Show help and exit.

     -a SOCK	 Alter the proxy agent socket path. The default value is
		 /tmp/ssh%d/agent.sock, where the %d is replaced with the user

     -c 	 Generate C-shell commands on stdout.  This is the default if
		 SHELL looks like it's a csh style of shell.

     -d 	 Turn on debug mode.  When this option is specified,
		 ssh-agent-proxy will not go background.

     -k 	 Kill the proxy agent according to the process ID recorded in
		 the pid file.

     -p FILE	 Alter the pid file path.  The default value is
		 /tmp/ssh%d/, where the %d is replaced with the user

     -q 	 Supress informational messages.

     -r 	 Kill the proxy agent if one is already running and restart a
		 new one.

     -s 	 Generate Bourne shell commands on stdout.  This is the
		 default if SHELL does not look like it's a csh style of

     /tmp/ssh%d/   Default location of the pid file.

     /tmp/ssh%d/agent.sock  Default location of the proxy agent socket.

			    Candidates for agent sockets to try.

			    A candidate for agent sockets to try.  This is for
			    SSHKeychain on Mac OS X.

     launchctl(1), ssh(1), ssh-agent(1), launchd(8)

     Akinori MUSHA <>

     There may be.  Use at your own risk.

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